Friday, November 8, 2019

STRING 11.0 -- You should take time to revisit this resource!

Talk about a surprise! I am cranking on this cool dataset for a talented young biologist and I thought -- what the heck -- I haven't put anything into STRING in so long I'm not even sure if it is still supported and --- 

The output is just stunning -- and reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaly helpful for his model. Almost all the pieces fall right into place for this phenotype....obviously results will vary depending on your model, coverage, etc., Dr. JJ Park did the proteomics on these samples on an HF-X and the data is as good as I've ever seen, so that doesn't hurt at all. 

I suggest that if you put some data into String in 2013....

....and blocked the site on your browser so it would never happen again that you consider a revisit. This isn't the same thing at all anymore. 

It's not just me being out of the loop either, v11 is a substantial upgrade. Not only does the number of organism double, and the libraries that it reference increase markedly in this release, but this is the first version that allowed the upload of complete genome/proteome sized datasets. In fact, it gives you all sorts of warnings if you attempt to upload just the proteins that you've determined are significant. By default is wants to take all your data.

100% recommended you check it out!

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