Tuesday, November 5, 2019

ProteomeHD.net -- A coregulation map of 12.5MILLION human protein measurements

I'm as close to without words as I may be able to get.

As awesome as this new study is, it sets a scary new bar for what biologists and clinicians can expect from the interpretation of -omics datasets.

You should just go check it out here: www.ProteomeHD.net

This study goes to a depth of 10,000+ human proteins --with SILAC -- and ends up with a coregulation network that has over 12.5 MILLION protein "interactions" (I'm torn on using this word at all since it implies that the proteins may directly physically interact, and coregulation analysis is not a measurement of this).

I'm going to shut up now and read more of this.

I lied -- this is the output! (I need to go where I've got a bigger monitor. The site does not like little screens, and will reject you from the site if you're on mobile [at least on an iPhone 4 or whatever I have])

All the RAW files are available on PRIDE (PXD008888) in case you want to mine this beautiful dataset yourself!

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