Thursday, November 14, 2019

Great GalaxyP Tutorials hosted at

Have you seen the great new application study where GalaxyP was used and thought...okay....

The arguments are building up for why you need this.


If you're also thinking "...wait...remind me what Galaxy is again...? I know I saw a talk from that really cool guy from Minnesota (Pratik)"

Galaxy is a flexible interface for linking all sorts of tools on super computer thingies. GalaxyP is the proteomics version. You can have someone smart build you a GalaxyP instance on your supercomputer thing -- but there is a cooler way of doing this -- you can just borrow time on someone else's!

GalaxyProject.EU has workflows built in that you can use AND they have loads of tutorial stuff so you aren't starting alone on that terrifying project.

You can directly access all this stuff here.

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