Friday, November 1, 2019

Quantitative Subcellular Proteomics of Cortex of Schizophrenia Patients!

In the "how on earth did they get enough material to pull this study off?!?!" department, I present this new paper at JPR! 

Have you ever dealt with people with human brains? My gosh, you'd think it all comes directly from the investigator's skull the way every microgram of material you ask for causes groans and occasional shrieks. This is the precious of precious material. And this group did subcellular proteomics -- with SCX fractionation and iTRAQ quantification on an Orbitrap Velos!!  That says to me that they started with more total material than I've ever been able to get from anyone. Good for them. 

It's nice data as well. I'm a little thrown off by the 0.1 Da MS/MS tolerance, but the downstream processing was cleaned up with InfernoRDN. I've not used this, but I worked with a bioinformatician on a project a few years ago who was from that Pacific North North Lab place and he definitely erred toward the whole "higher MS1 and MS/MS windows than you'd like to use so the FDR calculations had more suboptimal data to work off of to make better clarifications school of thought, so this probably makes sense. 

What do we get out of this? A really nice picture of the disease in different subcellular fractions! Information sorely needed out there for this and basically all of the other neurological diseases.

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