Sunday, December 23, 2018

Prep for metabolomics AND proteomics out of the same sample!!

YES. THIS. This is exactly what I've been looking for.

Check out this ASMS poster from the great people at Cold Spring Harbor Labs! 

Sometimes proteomics will solve that tough biological question that smart biologist just brought you and trusted you to solve.

As metabolomics tools continue to mature, I'm finding just as many problems that can be solved with (much easier to set up from the instrument side!) getting a view of the global metabolome.

The problem has been that the classic sample prep methods force me to choose. Do I do proteomics? Or do I gear up for metabolomics? What if  I didn't have to choose at all and could get both samples SIMULTANEOUSLY?!?!?

Honestly, metabolomics run in triplicate sets me back about 45 minutes. It almost makes sense to do the metabolomics -- and if that doesn't seem to unlock the key to the puzzle then I've probably got digested peptides dried and ready to load. (This probably isn't the way I would do it since I don't have a dedicated metabolomics unit -- I steal borrow one that is meant for small molecule structural stuff when I need metabolics or top-down capabilities)

Either way, though -- the possibility that I could explore both avenues with one single sample?!?? That's a big deal for me and my collaborators.

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