Saturday, December 29, 2018

HLA Splicing, Yes/No/How much? -- Part 17!


Are you working on endogenous peptides?  Are the awful fragmentation patterns of peptides lacking basic residues things you see for just a second when you first close your eyes? Would you LOVE to see another entry into the "are these things spliced or do they ionize and fragment so poorly we have no idea what we're looking at" arena?

You're in luck!

HLA peptides are BIG right now (for great reasons). And -- honestly -- what we know about these endogenous peptides seems to border right on nothing -- despite the fact Don Hunt's lab showed us we can study these things by mass spectrometry -- 25? almost 30? Years ago?  I swear the first paper is 1989, but Google Scholar thinks I'm making that up.

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