Sunday, December 30, 2018

ABRF San Antonio -- Making a Proteomics Core Nimble & Efficient!

Alrighty Buckaroos. Time to throw another shrimp on the barbie(?) and mosey on down to San Antonio! for --

The "at a glance" is now up and it looks like another ridiculously awesome and action packed meeting for us core lab folk.

What I want to direct you to if you're making plans to attend is one of Sunday's workshops:

Making a Proteomics Core Lab Nimble & Efficient!! 

Let's all sit down and try and tackle the biggest challenges that face getting the turn-around and sample quality up!

Speakers include:

Brett Phinney ....who, while new to this core lab thing...wait...

...nevermind ---who will be talking about how to handle diverse (weird) complex samples within a core environment. (I copied that Tweet months ago and figured I'd use it sometime!)

Birgit Schilling  -- who will focus on implementing that DIA stuff in a core environment. (Oh -- if you haven't seen this new paper yet, I highly recommend it!)

and this weird blogger (Me!) -- who will try to say something coherent about addressing the key bottlenecks in a core environment! How do we wrangle up the biggest do whatever it is you do after you've wrangled something up....(giddyap? is that a thing?)

Giddyap, it is! Get that thing that arrived proteomerized or metabolomerized and get that data out the door!

Edit...misspelled "proteomics" in post title...

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