Wednesday, December 12, 2018

OpenTrons OT-2 in the house!

YEAAAAAAAH!  Finally here! More details will certainly follow as we (well... @jenkins_conor) writes the software to make this thing:

1) Do BCA assays (whatever those are)
2) Digest things
3) Phosphopeptide enrich things
4) Extract metabolites
5) Dilute extracted metabolites

So far I'm impressed with the thought that went into the setup, the quality of the materials, and Conor said the developer software for it exceeds expectations. The fact it was 1/10 the price of any other one I wanted didn't hurt either...

You don't get a PC with it, but it connects via WiFi and you may need to have some Python guru hanging around to make it do new things it doesn't know how to do. Of course, method development and validation will take some time, but the manufacturer hosts methods developed and posted by other labs. We'll obviously upload ours as we develop them, if the robot is any good.

We're currently using an older Chromebook that is now running Linux, but the thought of getting a Linux tablet for it once we're confident of the performance and reproducibility and sticking it to it with a magnet is seeming like a solid idea.


  1. We had the same idea.. ours was set up last week as well. Still waiting on the mag deck and single channel pipettor.

    We are planning methods for sp3 digestion and metabolite extraction. Looking forward to sharing protocols!

  2. We recently got an OT-2 also. Do you have any updates on proteomics sample prep? We'd love to learn. Your blog is very cool. Thanks for sharing the info!