Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A comprehensive pipeline for translational top down proteomics!??!?

Okay -- so -- I can't read this yet. But I can see the title and it sounds impossible.

"Translational" is the word we use when we mean "WAIT. WHAT?!? WHAT I'M DOING RIGHT NOW  isn't just a curiosity -- this could actually help someone!!", right?

"Translational top-down proteomics" immediately made me think of this.

But....we've seen some stuff recently where the practicality of applying top-down to serious far-reaching problems has actually seemed realistic. And -- I've gotten close to 100 digested samples across my Fusion in the last 3-4 months on this protein Ntai et al., conquered unequivocally with top-down -- and I think digesting makes it almost impossible to work with. Take a screen capture before I edit this: I think one of the most important proteins in cancer can't be studied effectively with shotgun proteomics.

It still seems like a long shot for helping patients. Most hospitals still haven't embraced the power of them new-fangled triple quad things. But maybe not. And we won't know till we try, right?

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