Thursday, December 6, 2018

Plasma profiling -- Real patients -- post gastric bypass surgery!!

I'm going to geek out over every detail of this one later. Unfortunately, in a huge rush right now.  Honestly, I may spare you from it. I'll save it for trying to convince people in my geographic area that mass spectrometry is more than just an experimental toy.

Punch lines?

175 patient PLASMA proteomes

>1,000 proteins when each was ran in triplicate (no depletion)

This goes down as THE largest quantitative dataset on non depleted real patient plasma (prove to me that SomaScan is quantitative and I'll consider changing my mind on this statement -- and comparing your array to GWAS doesn't count, yo.)

45 minute runs on an HF

Automated the whole sample prep thing with a robot. Heeeellllooooo fully functional clinic-ready assay!

Umm...not what I was looking for...but too funny to leave out.

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