Sunday, December 9, 2018

OMNITRAP -- Upgrade your QE to do EVERYTHING!!


Apparently, I've been under a rock for a while. Or hiding from my...

...few unanswered emails.... Don't worry. It is mostly because I bought a compost bin from Amazon in 2015 and now obviously I'm a compost bin collector now.

I'm driving home from horrendous holiday shopping craziness and my wife is flipping through the new Science and less cool Scientist and reads off something about Roman Zubarev (Ben is paying attention) and then reads off details about the "omnitrap" (Ben is having trouble keeping a hybrid in it's lane) and then "that it's an upgrade for any Q Exactive! (Ben requires moving from driving to being the passenger).

You add the OmniTrap to the back end of your Q Exactive.

It costs you about $250-$300k

It gives that Q Exactive some new capabilities. Like --

I don't even know what all those things are!  I just know that I don't have them. And I sure would like to.....

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