Tuesday, February 7, 2017

URSGAL -- Combine all the Python proteomics tools!

I don't have time to read this one yet -- but I need to for a really dumb project I'm slowly working on here and there on the weekends. If it works, you are going to be seriously impressed by how dumb it is!

Quick clarification -- none of these Python tools are dumb -- they are super awesome. If you have the capability to take a search engine and write it so it's accessible in a freely available language for everyone -- YOU are also awesome. The only thing dumb here is what I do when it's too cold to do stuff outside!

What I need for this project is tiny but effective Python packages that are published and well annotated.

Ursgal is the missing link and it is described here!

Minor criticism (or is it..) the name of this software sounds like something Johan Hegg would scream in the middle of a song.

(Johan is the lead singer of the world's most popular Viking Death Metal band -- didn't know this was a music genre? You're welcome!)

What is URSSSGGGGAAAALLLLL!!!!!!? It is a python interface that allows you to combine data from the other code people have put together.  They show they can use Comet, X!Tandem, MSAmanda, and other awesome engines and link it together into a single output. It even Percolates and the whole file is 9.2 MB Zipped -- you can email that!

You can get this suite directly at GitHub here.

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