Thursday, February 23, 2017

Interesting little tool at Proteome Exchange!

I needed some new fun data to process while I was at work today. I went through PRIDE but didn't see anything that caught my attention this morning (I want something really difficult -- I'm gonna be gone for at least 12 hours and my desktop isn't getting off the hook!)

I popped over to Proteome Xchange...found EXACTLY what I was looking for (BTW, that search bar is better than the one at much easier to find weird stuff!) 14GB downloading now!

There is also this neat little graphic at the top that breaks down the files that are uploaded, by species or by instrument that the data was generated on!

To this day -- the Orbitrap Velos is responsible for the most datasets!!  I'm gonna give the credit to 2 of the guys that helped us buy mine back in the day....

...and wonder how many other people upgraded their lab capabilities thanks to a program that provided a big boost in research funding around the time that awesome instrument came out....?

Guess who is catching up, though?!?!  No surprise.

And third, in purple?  That's the LTQ-Orbitrap (Classic, XL and Discovery all lumped together, I think)

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  1. @ben this is a collaboration with OmicsDI a reuse of our components.