Sunday, February 19, 2017

Parallel reaction monitoring takes on the scary new Tuberculosis strains!

This is a really nice new study showing how you can go from discovery to clinical validation with one instrument!

In this case it is a Q Exactive classic and it is going after the somewhat terrifying multi-drug resistant tuberculosis strains. I didn't know about these, but it appears to be not one strain origin, but something that many environmental strains appear to be capable of picking up under the right conditions (ugh...)

The goal of this study -- find what proteins differ when this genotype is achieved with deep quantitative discovery proteomics (on the QE). Then create a rapid, targeted, clinically applicable assay to see how far these other strains are from achieving this indestructible status.

As an impressive addition to the study, once they had targets they made stable isotope labeled standards that they also spiked in for their PRMs. Seriously -- this is a ready-made tuberculosis clinical method!  They aren't 100% clear (to me) regarding the LC conditions for the PRMs, but it looks like they might use a rather long 120 minute gradient --- suggesting (to me)  the next application of this method is the direct application of this method to patient blood or plasma!!

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