Thursday, June 29, 2023

Who has throughput issues? Time for 1,000 proteomic samples/day!


Nerf machine guns are okay....I think....for method which the authors call MachineGun proteomics...

It's a preprint, they have time to change their minds....but they really only go as low as 720SPD in the study! (They also have time to add their JPOST and ProteomeXchange accessions so I can get these files. Imma ping them).  

How'd they dothe study? 

Monolithic silica columns at 7uL or 10uL/min using a Shimadzu pump with a 6 port valve setup. Load, switch valve, elute, load switch valve. Seems pretty darned simple. Right into a TIMSTOF Pro for dda or diaPASEF. They did make a custom emitter setup for handling this flowrate. I suspect this is through the ESI source. 

They do reference the dual trap method just about everyone is frantically setting up in their labs right now (Kreimer 2022), but this is faster. 

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