Monday, June 5, 2023

SCIEX ASMS Release -- icIEF-MS-coupled to a ZenoTOF!


I suspected SCIEX was working on something badass and totally secret. It was all too quiet. I figured it was EchoTOF time or something else...but...even the release has been subtle....unless you're doing antibody characterization (maybe other proteins as well, I don't know).

Our friends at SCIEX have a uniquely weird capillary electrophoresis system or kit that allows them to separate charge variants by their electrophoretic mobility! It's super cool because it is coupled to a UV readout so you can rapidly (a couple of minutes) realize that there is more complexity in your mAB you produced. 

Now....what if you very carefully separated your charge variants....and they eluted right into a 7600 for intact/top down analysis? The drop in complexity in your sample input is going to be so so so helpful. BTW, the 7600 has a huge upper m/z limit. I forget, but it is 40k or 60k or something. Throw in the ability to do EAD/CAD and combinations of the two and you've got a ridiculously poweful solution for antibody characterization. 

I can't find the picture online that I saw, but it is all sort of streamlined together. The box looks a lot more elegant than the's something like icIEF-MS. 

I'm willing to look past the name and think hard about how I'd use this sort of data, and so should you weird biopharma/top down people. 

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