Wednesday, June 21, 2023

GlycoPASER -- Figure out your glycopeptides with real time logic!


Gotta run, but I will lose this link cause 400 tabs are open for this final grant application for June! 

Check this out! 

So you know how TIMSTOFs can look at low mass fragments and high mass fragments simultaneously due to the time of flight out of the collision cell? 

What if you used that to your advantage in the case of where looking closely at low mass fragments and high mass ones give you different information? 

That's what GlycoPASER does. It uses the extra processing power of that big GPU thing sitting by your PC that you might only use for QC/QA runs and triggers from oxonium ions to tell it when it should do more work.

Then in data analysis the low mass fragments are used to rule out different glycan chains (since all sugars have basically the same mass, but make different fragments sometimes) 

The .d files are available here and they're pretty weird to look at because the mass ranges don't typically change in TIMMY files, but these look different from scan to scan. 

I can't find the actual tools themselves so I think this is part of an upcoming official release. 

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