Thursday, December 1, 2022

Open up the plasma proteome with ultracentrifugation of EVs!


Every single time, plasma proteomics is disappointing. Haven't done it in a while? Have an instrument that is fast, more sensitive, and just better in every single way than the last one you tried it with? Fire it up .....


....the same 400 proteins you were able to quantify in 2012 on that instrument you can get on Ebay for a pack of Big Red and paying for freight....

You can deplete your top 3, 10, 14, 31.23 most abundant proteins and see more, but now you're introducing a whole new can of worms (which is a weird phrase. who has a can of worms? gross). 

What if you could just centrifuge the heck out of the plasma and concentrate the EVs? Extracellular vesicles are something that has been leveraged before (there is some really cool work from Geiger lab rings a bell Promise-Quan?) but how does it compare on today's fast DIA methods?  

That's what this group went after in this fun new study! 

And it seems to work really really well. 1,400 proteins using DIA in relatively short gradients and these aren't just random proteins they directly correspond to what we currently know of the human plasma proteome. 

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