Tuesday, December 27, 2022

MS-DAP -- Another powerful data interface for proteomics!


Well....you know....sometimes science is so awesome that if you have to pull a couple all-nighters in the lab during the holidays it is SO SO WORTH IT. And sometimes it just makes you wonder if it would be more fun making a lot more money running a backhoe. My kid would definitely think I was cooler if I ran a backhoe -- when in doubt, get him another toy ashpalt roller -- and I did get to operate one and it was sort of awesome. 

HEY! I haven't read a paper in like 2 weeks, except for the ones I'm reviewing and I can't talk about those yet. And this one has been in the queue! 

Wow. That title is super long. At first glance I assumed I was a coauthor on this. Still worth it.

Look, there are a bunch of ways now to QC your proteomics data and to process it.

For anyone dreaming of a free interface for DIA-NN data (!!!!!) you're in business! 

Now, MS-DAP isn't as easy as something like LFQ-Analyst (which dropped a new version at HUPO that accepts FragPipe data! which, I guess if you run DIA-NN through FragPipe, you're probably good to go!) but the instructions are super clear and you can set this all up locally after you follow all the friendly instructions

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