Friday, December 2, 2022

Finally -- the ZenoSWATH paper!


ZenoSWATH is an upgrade for the SCIEX 7600 that rolled out at ASMS 2022, and it looks like somebody got it enabled and took it for a spin!

The ZenoTrapping/ZenoPulsing thing is a neat trick inline after the quad and prior to the TOF. Rather than just running the ions into the accelerator thingy, they can accumulate (pulse?) prior to firing them into the TOF. My understanding is that it doesn't do it with full scan, just MS2, so you get the data looks sort of weird where your MS1 signal doesn't really go up, but your MS2s do. If you are doing data dependent you can probably imagine some drawbacks here, right? Maybe you don't have enough sample intensity to trigger what you want to, etc., but we're still finding it really useful for DDA. Where is absolutely shines is the PRM (mrmHR) functionality. 

However -- if you're DIAing/SWATH....buckling...?

Who cares about your MS1s anyway? (I mean, I do like to have MS1s, but they are clearly less important here).  

You get to a point where SWATH can't see anything, but ZenoSWATH keeps on going. I'm less impressed with the high end numbers (yo, just load more peptide) but the low levels are impressive. The copy number distributions shift decidedly in the correct direction. 

When you look at the numbers in this paper, keep in mind this isn't nanoflow! This is microflow (5uL/min) AND analytical flow (2.1mm column!!!!!!) 

Seriously cool trick and another big step in the right direction for a competitive landscape in LCMS proteomics technology. 

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