Thursday, December 15, 2022

Need more speed? Experiments with parallel accumulation on Exploris!

 I've been cruising along with blazing fast scan acquisition rates thanks to some TOFs here with ion accumulation technology stuffed on or in them. What if you could push an Exploris up to the similar speeds? 

Check out this poster making the rounds on Mastodon

Orbitraps have 2 traps. C-trap and....Orbitrap...and overhead from both due to ion gating and transfer. What they did here was do some parallel accumulation to concentrate ion signal and get the efficiency way way up.

What's WAY WAY? That's image above shows 100 Hz. 100 scans/second ON AN ORBITRAP? There are some obvious consequences in this proof of concept, like less than 2,000 resolution at that speed. At the more stable 75 Hz, the resolution doubles to about 3,750 at 200 m/z. 

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