Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Reduced proteasome activity in the brains of an aging model!

Okay -- you know when you learn something new that just makes a bunch of pieces all fall in place at once? I owe the authors of this great new preprint for making a lot of disparate data points all finally make sense, but that is a topic for other places.

This is the study.

What is a killfish? I dunno, but they say its a great model for neurological aging!

The main body of this great study doesn't really give you a feel immediately for the massive amount of work that went into this. The Supplemental does, however. There is transcriptomics. And there is TMT proteomics and there is a REALLY nice method for doing DIA proteomics on a Tribrid with varying mass windows. And whoever did the plots is an artist (is Rtist a thing? I'm going to assume that is a thing).


This is an altogether great example of taking a ton of data (yes. that is 39 size exclusion fractions -- that's how the study starts) and finding the story in it!

And the story is that the aging brain has a reduction in proteasomal efficiency. And if you didn't look at it from multiple directions you might miss it because the proteasome is a complex system that requires a complex approach to fully understand.

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