Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Deer Antler Stem Cell Proteomics!

Did you know that there is only one (1!) mammalian organ that annually generates? I did not.

That is kind of important, right? And -- why haven't we figured out how we could use this to regenerate other mammalian organs? Maybe it's time we did! And what better way to start than some comprehensive proteomics?


The work was done on an LC-Impact II QTOF system and with a load of negative controls. The goal was to distinguish the proteins that are clearly involved in regeneration from the normal deer proteins. This is a great approach in the less well understood genomes/proteomes (which is basically all of them).

You know what they end up with? Around 150! 150 proteins that are probably controlled through amazing levels of tightly orchestrated regulation and probably a lot of PTMs that will need to be worked out later, but still -- 150 proteins -- to REGENERATE A MAMMALIAN ORGAN!  Makes it seem like it wouldn't be all that hard, right? And definitely sounds like something that is worth pursuing further!

What other mysteries might the majestic deer of the forest hold the answer to?

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