Monday, March 16, 2020

Need Microbiome FASTAs -- This NIH collaboration has you covered!

Thank you to Dr. Nishikant Wase (metabolomics/microbiome expert extraordinaire) for tipping me off to yet another amazing resource.

You can visit the NIH Human Microbiome project here. They have what you're looking for!

I had to bumble around for a bit till I found this page.

Protein FASTAs are "Pep" and they are broken down by microbiome site. How cool is that??

The files are kind of huge, particularly if you're impatient and download all of them at once. (1.1GB and they're .GZ zips, so you'll need 7zip or similar to open them, but who cares? Microbiome Metaproteomics enabled!)

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