Wednesday, March 25, 2020

An alternative protein assembly approach!

I'm not qualified to give an opinion on this new study. Fortunately, that hasn't stopped me in at least a decade....

This is how I explain it when I lecture, though.
Proteomics is really good at peptide-spectral-matching.
As a's fair to say that we're better at drinking beer than we are at assembling those peptides back into proteins. (Come on, that's at least part of the reason we're so bummed out about all the conferences we're missing right now. Nothing facilitates a discussion about ion fragmentation than being in a bar with 100 of the world's best experts on the topic, unless it's going to the next bar and finding another 90 or so).

Hopefully that protein is 100% unique. No amino acids line up in order with any other protein in all of the universe. If that is the case, we're set! If it isn' code that is designed to be easily integrated into our existing pipelines? That's a total win, even if I don't understand it at all.

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