Tuesday, June 25, 2019

NanoBlow -- create a gas curtain barrier and keep your instrument cleaner longer!

My library hasn't indexed this (Just accepted) but I think I can guess the idea. We've got gas lines just hanging out when we used nanospray -- chances are you just have them blocked off, but you could use them!

In this case, these authors turn on the gas when the troublesome stuff is eluting. I pulled a RAW file from ProteomeXchange/PRIDE here and it looks quite convincing!

This shouldn't be confused with the ABird, which is constantly removing background ions. Heck, the two might work really well in unison.....

Dr. Dave Sarracino used to do something that might be similar to NanoBlow, but I can't find any record of it. Correction, found it!  I apologize to everyone if this isn't the same kind of thing, I'll correct things when I can read the paper!

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