Thursday, June 27, 2019

Is this finally it?!? Isotope analysis on an ORBITRAP!

Okay -- no time to read this -- I've really got to run to meetings -- but -- is this FINALLY it? Is this finally moving isotope analysis from instruments that only have maximum mass ranges of like 5 Th to instruments that can do other things?

I don't know....but it kind of looks like it is it.... for real, if you don't aren't familiar, you should take a look at isotope analysis and how it hasn't changed at all since the 60s....and compare it to this!

Big shoutout to Dr. Kermit Murray who does a better job of keeping track of inorganic mass spectrometry advances than I do.

Holy cow....C&EN is already running with a press release of a JASMS study -- I think this is it!!  You can check it out here. No, this isn't proteomics, but this is potentially a light year jump for our long-suffering friends in the inorganic MS world!

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