Friday, June 14, 2019

Level up PRIME-XS -- it's now 11 sites for EPIC-XS!

PRIME-XS was, in my mind, the smartest and most effective use of proteomics resources since this little field started.

How many papers came out of PRIME-XS? Is it the reason that the EU spends far less money on proteomics instruments than the U.S., but massively insanely leads the U.S. on numbers of papers published and in medical studies that feature applications of proteomics? I don't know for sure, but I do strongly believe it contributes.

What should you do when PRIME-XS is over? You expand it! You give it an even better name!

Here is a press release!

Here is the new and upgraded EPIC-XS!

My understanding is that researchers from all over the EU apply for proteomics support like this:

Awesome researcher who doesn't know proteomics stuff: "Hey -- I've got the coolest model system you've ever heard of and I think some proteomics would allow me to: cure this disease/bring the honey bees back/impeach the US president/lower the temperature of the globe/create a malaria vaccine that doesn't cost $4,000 (insert anything else that would drastically improve the quality of the life on earth and the chance any mammals are still alive 50 years from now)"

Some of the best proteomics labs on earth "Great! We don't fuck around with these mass specs. If proteomics can give you an answer, we're the people that can pull it off, and this sounds way cooler than running HeLa or yeast or whatever I can actually get access to most of the time."

XS: "BOOM! Cover of Nature/Science again! Saved human and dolphin lives!"

WE NEED TO DO THIS IN THE U.S.!  5 years ago I volunteered to head the US one. My aspirations are more reasonable now. I will sell my labs right now. Sign me up as the janitor. Whatever I can do to make this happen here.

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  1. Nice comment Ben. Even as non-European you are very welcome. We will do our best to make Epic-XS as fruitful as Prime-XS