Saturday, June 15, 2019

BASIL -- Use TMT to amplify phosphopeptide IDs!

YES. BASIL is not only tasty it's also a great way to improve your phosphoproteomics! You should check out the paper here. 

Okay -- so you know how SCOPE-MS works for other people (not me, but it's definitely my sample prep inabilities)?  In ScoPE you load a lot of signal in one channel of TMT. Since all your peptides get combined in the MS/MS, the high channel provides enough signal for identification and then the reporter ions allow you to quantify things that would be below your S/N for an ID.

What if you did the same thing for phosphoproteomics?  That's BASIL.

The numbers are the normal ludicrous values everyone feels that it is mandatory to report for phosphoproteomics data since the first group reported 785 trillion phosphosites (or whatever...) on a Finnigan LTQ back in the day, but it gets you to that number of sites (and, presumably, the realistic smaller number that are actually there) with way less material!

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