Thursday, June 13, 2019

Real time search allows for near perfect SPS selection!

I "play" a decent amount of basketball. It's "play" because...well...I go suuuuper early in the morning for pickup games because it's typically other old guys doing their best to avoid high school kids or people in their 20s who can still actually play. Sometimes -- maybe just because I need an ego check or something -- I hit a park or YMCA around Baltimore during daylight. That's pretty good for establishing my normal baseline level of humility for 6 months or so.

The way I feel leaving a Baltimore YMCA at noon? That's sometimes how I feel in this field. I really like our preprint where we quantified the SPS accuracy in some old datasets. It was a really fun study and after some advice from Phil Wilmarth I think it'll probably get published somewhere.

Okay -- so....what if instead of measuring that accuracy after your experiment -you ON THE FLY checked the SPS fragments to verify that they're from your peptide of interest -- and only used the ones that are right?!?

You'd have this preprint from the Gygi lab.

%SPSAccuracy near SPS MS3 is still slower than MS2 based labeled quan, but if you can make that level of improvement in the accuracy...?...

I hope this option rolls out for everyone out there with a Tribrid! If you're doing TMT you should 100% definitely check this paper out.

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