Thursday, August 28, 2014

Prime XS -- Advance proteomics...and the rest of science

This is SO smart.  And we need an equivalent here in the U.S.  If you want to start it, I volunteer to head it.

Prime-XS is a program ran by the EU.  It ensures 2 things:  1) That proteomics is used for scientific studies of extreme merit.  and 2) That labs participating in XS are exposed to high quality, high impact biological problems.  It is a win-win.  Top notch labs get top notch collaborators and the EU pays for it!

How it works:  Researchers in the EU countries can apply for days of access to proteomics facilities that the EU has reserved for this program.  This is how it is currently divided:

Ummm.... 621 days are available in Utrecht?  That couldn't be the Heck lab, right?  Pretty sure it is!

What a win for everybody!  How many top notch proteomics facilities can you think of that have trouble finding high impact biological questions?  Tons, right?  Let's face it.  Cool problems don't always come from the same places where our best proteomics facilities are.  This fixes it.  In one fell swoop.  Top biological problems -- top proteomics capabilities -- and we all win.

The downside is that this program is going to push the power balance in impact factor toward Europe.  Meaning we need something like this over here.

You can read more about Prime-XS here.

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