Saturday, August 30, 2014

Next gen sequencing traces the Ebola outbreak back to its source

This one isn't a proteomics story.  I really need to catch up on the literature.  I've got some long plane rides coming up so that should help.

Anyway, this is next gen sequencing.  And Ebola.  And a tragic story.  A study released in Science this week shows the use of next gen sequencing at 2000x coverage to trace the Ebola outbreak to a single person who picked it up from the natural reservoir.  The detail here is astounding.  I stole this pic from the article (it's open access, so I doubt I'll get sued.

It is a pretty conclusive story.  And it makes sense from an epidemiology standpoint, right?  From the news, we all know how tragic this outbreak has been and how scary it really might become.

To put the severity of this one in perspective, I think this speaks volumes:  5 of the contributing authors on this paper have died from the disease...

You can read more about this all here.

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