Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Jailbreak 2.0!

Are you feeling a little limited with your awesome and super easy to use EasySpray source? Want to power it up?

Check out EasySpray JailBreak 2.0! (unless it's illegal -- then don't. and don't tell anyone I sent you to this site)

The original JailBreak kit let you put any nano columns into your EasySpray that you wanted to -- 2.0 lets you go up to MicroFlow -- WITH SHEATH GAS CONTROL!

We're hearing lots about MicroFlow right now -- which -- depending on how you define it, your high flow LC or your nanoflow LC can probably do it (even EasyNanoLCs -- just make sure your gradient is short enough that you don't have to restroke the buffer pumps).

This source addition is the missing link.

Worth noting, the manufacturer does have MicroFlow columns and emitters now, but if they don't have the solution that works for you this looks like a viable option.

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