Saturday, May 19, 2018

Analysis of PNGase F-resistant glycopeptides with SugarQb!

Is it glycoproteomics week? Sacred Bos taurus, there have been so many awesome papers this week.

If this is your field -- or if you know it is coming your direction, you'll be happy to know that every aspect of it appears to be developing rapidly!

I recommend checking out --

The GlycoPeptide Decoy Generator (and a new Glycopeptide CID library!)

This new metal based enrichment strategy for glycopeptides!

This new proteoglycan deep sequencing paper (they use a some neat enrichment with a QE HF and process the data with PEAKs in conjunction with an awesome software package GlycReSoft that they developed. While you're there, check out the gold mine of other neat little algorithms they have posted!)

Told you!! One heck of a week for glycoproteomics!!

The title of the post is about this one, though! 

I'm out of blogging time today, but if that title doesn't interest you (cryptic specificities? what?) you're probably here for the jokes -- but if nothing else it's great to see SugarQb being put to use. In case you don't have this free node installed in your copy of Proteome Discoverer 2.1 -- you should -- you can get it here.

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