Sunday, May 13, 2018

BoxCar updates!

So...ummm...BoxCar is a popular topic. I've hardly had a conversation since the paper came out that didn't end up with us talking about the paper and/or our independent reanalyses of the RAW files.

I'd like to bring everyone's attention to this comment on the blog by Florian Meier, the first author on the BoxCar study: 

Dear Ben, all, Thank you very much for your excitement about the BoxCar acquisition method. We are about to release an Xcalibur plug-in that will enable BoxCar scans without the hassle of tweaking the Xcalibur method editor or extra software from the vendor. Please give us some time to fix last bugs and follow for updates and download details once available. Regards Florian on BoxFahrt-- BoxCar for people who can't alter their instrument software.


The fact someone from this team wrote a post here (!!!) and with news THIS good? A Chuck Norris thumbs up is quite literally the most powerful approval I could come up with. (I've heard that on this take the camera survived, but the cameraman and key grip did not). 

Thanks, Florian! We can't wait to try it!! 


  1. So I recently check the website listed above, I don't see any signs of Plug-in being listed? Is it available yet?

  2. My question is as above. We have a project soon ready to begin acquiring and are wondering if it is worth it to wait for a Boxcar plug-in.