Thursday, May 17, 2018

Finally learned the XlinkX workflow and nodes!

High on my "to do" list for 2017 was to learn how to use the new XlinkX workflow and nodes. I didn't get to it -- and there I was just wandering through Mount Ember minding my own business and --

I hadn't battled crosslinked proteins in half a decade, but we recently got the XlinkX workflow added into one of our PD boxes --- 2 hours later (mostly because I was reading stuff I didn't actually need to)

(Not my sample -- just being cautious) but HOW COOL IS THAT OUTPUT? Here is what we think it is (very top) -- here is the MS2 evidence (first spectra). Bottom panels -- Here is the MS3 evidence for each side of the DSSO crosslink!

If you did crosslinking in the past and you still wake up from nightmares of the experience, I really recommend you check out this new generation of crosslinking reagents, instrument methods and data processing software. For real. I think the nodes for Proteome Discoverer are $500 in the US. The DSSO reagent set us back $100?

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  1. Hi Ben, so cool to see your results. i am also super curious in using this tool. i´ve got the test version of XlinkX but i am not sure how to set the different nodes. We also use DSSO, could you give me some advises? cheers Nadine