Wednesday, April 4, 2018

You can use Morpheus to check peptide/protein numbers BEFORE the run is finished!

Maybe you knew you could do this. I didn't.

If you are sitting there thinking "hey...something looks a little off on this replicate.." and wondering whether you should stop the system and run a QC --

---to the rescue!!

I have Morpheus installed on every proteomics acquisition PC in our lab. If you click on the top picture you'll see that I have it set so it can't use more than 2 CPU threads on the PC. It works great for the PC's that have 8 cores -- on the LTQ I only allow it one thread (4 core PC). I don't know that using all cores will push the PC too hard and will crash Xcalibur -- but I'd rather be cautious!

What a revelation,  though!! 60 minutes into the run -- yes -- something is a little fishy here at the MS2 level. Time to stop the run and do something about it so it doesn't impact tonight's samples!

If you don't have Morpheus, you should. You can get it from Github here. And this is the original paper from the Coon lab describing it

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