Tuesday, April 17, 2018

2018 EuPA School of Practical Proteomics in Vienna!

Hello Vienna in the summer time!! (I was there in October on vacation 2 years ago and fled south as fast as a 2 cylinder diesel KIA rental "car" could get us somewhere NOT COLD.

I plan to spend far more than 8 hours in Vienna this time. I want to learn all the things on that list. Oh. And I'll be there rambling about some stuff that I'm doing in my lab as well, but nothing as cool as the topics listed on the cool picture above.

If you are interested in learning Advanced Practical Proteomics or know someone who might, send them this link (I think the course tops out at 30 students!)

We can try to solve this mystery together...

...why are there rubber ducks everywhere!?!? 

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