Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Skyline User's meeting registration is open (and free) for ASMS 2018

Need a reason to get to beautiful San Diego a day early for ASMS 2018?

Check out the ridiculously cool lineup of things going on Saturday at the Skyline User Group Meeting!

Normal Skyline stuff is covered. Then it goes crazy.
Skyline for glycans
Skyline for small molecules
Skyline LIPIDs!!
Skyline for drug monitoring stuff.

The final talk is Matt McDonald from the University of Pittsburgh. I've had the distinct pleasure recently of working on a project with his lab where they generated the data and I did the downstream data processing. This experience was humbling because I've never -- in my life -- generated data as good as what this team rolled off of an Orbitrap XL. The study is being written up now by the people who generated the samples so I can't go into it, but I think this lab is quietly re-establishing the boundaries of what we can do with clinical proteomics if we step away from our normal routines and put experimental design and QC as our number one priorities. 

Registration is free, but space is limited. Also -- some evil corporations are providing lunch!

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