Monday, April 30, 2018

Orphan kinase demonstrates remarkable phosphorylation control in malaria!

Ummmm...yeah...I have to come back to this one....what...?...gonna need more espresso to tackle this one....

Great TMT phosphoproteomics + knockout of a weird "orphan kinase" that has a lot of homology to all sorts of other kinases we know about = really weird downstream effects suggesting that we really have no idea what happens when protein X is phosphorylated in stage Y in P. falciparum's life process.

Intimidating because...well...we have tons of beautiful diagrams (like this) saying what and how phospho cascades work in this organism.

A relief(? no. probably not.?) because it still seems to be doing all sorts of mysterious things despite how hard really smart people are working to try to figure it out.

This is some top notch work that shows how many mysteries there still are in a disease that infected around 200 million people in 2015 -- and killed over 400,000....

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