Thursday, April 5, 2018

Boring stuff Thursday #2: How to improve your life with Morpheus!

If you are one of the people who read this weird blog, I've probably convinced you to download Morpheus (and METAMORPHEUS, btw, I think the paper just came out for it -- I can't tell you about that today because it's boring stuff Thursday).

Here are some boring tips that will make you like regular Morpheus better. Associate your TSV files!

Your Morpheus results will pop out as a bunch of .TSV files and some XML thing. If you are a smart data person you probably know how to use the XML thing. I'm not -- and I don't.  I use the TSV files and if you are a smart data person please stop reading right about 2 lines ago. Because I'm going to use Excel (...trigger groans....)

However, Excel doesn't know what a .TSV file is either, so you have to associate it. To do this (told you this was gonna be boring!) find the folder where your processed Morpheus stuff went:

Pick one (I only open the Protein_Groups one (I mostly use Morpheus just to get a good snapshot of my experiments and to check my QC standards)

Right click on it and go to Properties

In properties you need to find "Open With"

Here it looks like Windows recognized Microsoft Excel. I assure you that it does not -- and will not. You'll need to Browse for Excel. I can't describe to you how to do that without leaving a lot of profanities typed on this page. If you've used Bing much, you won't be surprised to find out that if you do choose Browse and then think that the search bar that pops up in Microsoft Windows can find the program Microsoft Excel....

...but it is in there somewhere. Once you find it. Checkmark "always use the selected program". From now on your Morpheus output files will all open in Excel. And you'll be so mad when you go to the LTQ you don't use as often and realize you have to do it all over again. But -- eventually -- they'll all be right...

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