Tuesday, April 24, 2018

MassIVE made some umm...massive...spectral libraries

I've got pages and pages of notes from ABRF already and as I'm sitting here trying to organize them I'll probably pull together a few blog posts out of them.

On Sunday Nuno Bandeira talked about MassIVE. Of course, I know about MassIVE. It's one place where you can deposit your RAW data so the journal editors will leave you alone about it.

However -- it's not just sitting there. Busybody bioinformaticians are combing through the data trying to find new things (succeeding) -- and they are compiling huge spectral libraries.

What do you get when you compress the most meaningful data out of 30TB of HCD fragmentation spectra?  Other than a file that takes a REALLY long time to download on a hotel WiFi connection? Over 2million annotated spectra.

I may have to give up on downloading it -- or remote login to something on a much faster connection.

Now -- the question remains -- how does this help me?  I was hoping that after I had it I could see if I had anything that could open it or use it as an input (MSPepSearch maybe?) ....to be continued....

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