Friday, April 20, 2018

FRACTION OPTIMIZER -- Take the guesswork out of 2D optimization!

i had to disable my caps lock key or it would look like i was crazily shouting about how much i love this new study and software throughout this whole post.  you can check out this awesome new tool here!

if you do highph offline fractionation followed by the same low ph gradient on every one of these fractions and you look at the data coming off you'll think something like "wow...i really could get more ids if i optimized each fraction separately."

but that's a lot of work (and it will impact your reproducibility if you are doing something like label free quan). plus it would be a lot of work. one run to see the relative elution times and a second with the reoptimized gradient..?...

fraction optimizer can do this for you!!!

100% recommend you check it out. you can get the software directly here.

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