Friday, June 9, 2017

The MS Bioworks App!

We finally updated our old personal cell phones to some fancy impossible to use things that are far too large, but have tons of memory. The first thing I installed? The MSBioWorks App!

If you don't have it (and don't have an old phone full of Pug and kitten pictures and no room for it) you should.

You can type in any protein by UniProt ID or Gene Symbol (not sure of the requirements, but if I use the universal gene identifier -- do they call that HUGO now?), it will find the protein. You can choose the digestion conditions and then email the report to yourself!

It will predict peptide fragmentation patterns from ones you enter and modify them however you want, as well -- also with the direct email output with a surprising number of features!

Okay...I apologize to the App developer, this screenshot doesn't do your cool tool justice. I sent myself the results in Korean (cause why not?), but my I converted the text to UniCode into Excel so it lost the formatting (my Excel doesn't have a Korean language pack installed). Line 71 and 84 are the y2 ions in as z=2 and z=3, respectively!

Also, the App has a great news section for new papers. I have no idea who keeps this updated, but it is great! And way better than getting news here!

Okay -- but the thing I have ALWAYS loved this App and developers for is the calculators. I don't have a good screenshot, but if you have an LC line of this X diameter and Y length it calculates the volume of that line for you! It has been invaluable for me in the past and I can't thank this group enough for making this for us and giving it out for free.

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