Saturday, June 10, 2017

The host-parasite interactome!

Okay....I've got 22 pages of hand written notes from ASMS I'm trying to sort out. Unfortunately...they look something like these notes from Alexey's awesome "Proteomic Dark Matter" talk.... they probably condense down to 1 type written page, but while I'm filing things into my spreadsheets as 1) Published and can talk about it 2) Watch for this paper!!!, etc., I stumbled onto shockingly cool tool at bioRXiV!  You can read about it here.

Maybe host-parasite interactions aren't your thing. But "interactomics" is one of the big data approaches that the bioinformaticians are going to be using increasingly to make sense of the data we're depositing. Also -- it is just fun to spend 3 minutes here looking at this thing! (Direct link to the software is here!)

After making a bunch of awesome and wobbly networks between this parasite and that one, WikiPedia has a great break down of Interactomics here.  In general, it is a big picture approach to link what is changing. When we take our quantitative data out and put it into pathway analysis software like IPA or BioCyc, we're looking at known interactions that have been painstakingly constructed from historic studies. Interactomics steps away from all this known stuff and builds the networks statistically. If I say any more about it, I'll only embarrass myself further.

As someone really interested in host-parasite interactions -- I can't imagine a more appropriate application of these tools!!

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