Friday, June 16, 2017

NIST is incorporating Proteome Tools resources into their libraries!

Are you familiar with the Proteome Tools project? If not, you can read about it here. It is an ongoing effort to generate a proteome wide synthetic peptide library!  At launch this group had 330,000 synthetic peptides done and they are still going.

There is a group here in my local area that knows something about spectral libraries -- and has an awesome looking Twitter icon...

...that has been curating this released data and setting it up for release. If you're already using tools like MSPepSearch that are fully compatible with these libraries, you don't have to do a thing different to utilize these resources!

You can just go to the ChemData NIST spectral library hub and HCD fragmentation data from the first release of the Proteome Tools library is there.

You can access it here!

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