Monday, June 19, 2017

Taking on protein complexes with proteomics!

This is a great new paper talking about the methodology for protein complexes. Pubmed link here.

The author gets feedback from some heavy hitters in the field, including: Brian Chait, Neil Kelleher, Mike MacCoss, Carol Robinson, Uwe Schulte and Albert Heck -- among others.

While the author really starts off a little pessimistic regarding the challenges and necessary technology advances in NMR-type technologies the tone of the mass spectrometry experts is much more upbeat and optimistic. With the tools we have now for native complex mass spectrometry and crosslinking and cryo electron microscopy, maybe we don't need to wait for the next big breakthrough in NMR to fully elucidate protein complexes.

Highly recommended perspective paper -- a big bonus for me is a description of the successful analysis of protein/lipid complexes, a reference I need to look up and send to a friend who may have samples just like that heading her way!

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