Saturday, June 17, 2017

FASTA update time! TrEMBL and Joint Genome Institute!

At the Analytical Lab Manager's meeting at ASMS, I got to meet and answer panel questions with David Tabb. Of the many points he pressed upon us for proteomic bioinformatics, one that stuck with me was the negative consequences of using old FASTA databases. Maybe it stuck by me cause my FASTAs in use look something like this screenshot...

2011...2012...2015...who knows...? Okay. I'm at fault. Especially when FASTAs are free from UniProt. The difference was seriously impressed upon me when I realized TrEMBL is up to 19GB!  The last one I downloaded...was 7GB...that's a lot of data!

An important note from his talk I was very surprised by was about the Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute.

Which hosts tons of cool FASTAs from microorganisms! If you are studying something that isn't present in UniProt/SwissProt (or under-represented?) maybe you should check it out.

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