Tuesday, June 6, 2017

My inability to make good nanoLC columns got me in a big talk!

This has been my most productive ASMS professionally. My weekend and late night work with some of the awesome scientists in my local area has resulted in 3 really nice ASMS posters. Today I get to speak to the Analyitical Lab Managers group with one of my idols, the great Rosa Viner!

An unexpected surprise and honor came yesterday when I received a couple texts from audience members in what I hear was an amazing talk from people at Max Planck!  This is how I made the slide deck -- from this post ("Time to Shake up the Clinical Proteomics Paradigm" which mentions that I can't successfully make a good NanoLC column!

My emotions ranged from honored to mortified, to -- I still think this is a great point. Honestly, it is one I plan to focus on in the Analytical Lab Managers meeting today. A lot of us out there are still in the academic/discovery stage, but proteomics is going main stream, y'all. I'm talking to more physicians who want to do proteomics than professors these days and we've got to get the reproducibility/QC/QA things in place or those discussions will continue to end painfully and abruptly. QC'ed columns, commercially produced (and QC'ed) zero dead volume unions, and (fingers crossed) the eventual integration of capillary and microflow LC instead of nanoLC for routine applications are things I dream about that will take us all to the next level.

And if the world has to know that 4 separate people tried to teach me how to pack a good NanoLC column and failed horribly -- that's okay. Being an extreme example has helped me really accept that saving $200 on a column and getting horrible data doesn't make a lot of sense when you just dropped big bucks on an amazing LC-MS system. Been there, didn't publish, that!

Big shoutout to the presenter. I was running out of steam yesterday when the texts started coming in. I (and my friends in attendance) got a great laugh out of that!!

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