Saturday, June 24, 2017

Activated Ion Electron Transfer Dissociation for FAST comprehensive top-down!

This one had been in my queue for a while and I'm finally getting caught up on things! This is the paper, and it just came out in June's JPR.

First off, this is an in-house developed fragmentation method that the Coon lab has. They published the setup of this instrument in ACS earlier this year (link here!)

ETD fragmentation is used in conjunction with infrared photoactivation. If I talk any more about how it is done, I'll just embarrass myself, so that's why both links are here at the front of this post.

What this biologist does get out of this paper is an AMAZING degree of sequence coverage. For the proteins examined, (up to just around 20kD) they demonstrate sequence coverage you'd only get if you combined every fragmentation method commercially available which would be...well...

...slow....probably taking several runs unless you were really optimized timing on each peak with an instrument capable of many fragmentation types.

AI-ETD is NOT slow. They are getting this amazing level of intact protein sequence coverage with 10-35ms activation time!

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